Vasanth Vedantham, MD, PhD

Principal Investigator

[email protected]

Education: Harvard Medical School/MIT (MD/PhD)

Interests: Molecular, Cellular, Developmental, and Evolutionary Determinants of Heart Rhythm and Arrhythmias; Cardiovascular Genetics

Giselle Galang

Lab Manager

[email protected]

Education: UCLA (BS, Microbiology, Immunology, Molecular Genetics)

Interests: Cardiac development, lineage tracing and fate mapping, transcription regulation, gene expression

Hongmei Ruan, MD, PhD


[email protected]

Education: North China Coal Medical College (MD); Zhongshan University (PhD, Pharmacology). 

Interests: molecular, cellular, ex-vivo, and in-vivo cardiac physiology, regenerative and pharmacological therapies for heart rhythm disorders


James Engel, PhD

Role: Postdoctoral Fellow

[email protected]

Education: UCLA (PhD, Molecular, Cellular, and Integrative Physiology)

Interests: Stem cell biology, in vitro differentiation of human cardiac lineages using iPSCs


Rajiv Mohan, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

[email protected]

Education:  Amsterdam UMC (PhD, Medical Biology)

Interests: Developmental biology of cardiac conduction system, transcription regulation, epigenetics, cardiac physiology


Amanda Soe

Junior Specialist

[email protected]

Education: UC Berkeley (BA, Molecular and Cell Biology)

Interests: Cardiac physiology, human genetics, heart disease


Gagandeep Chouhan

Research Associate

[email protected]

Education: UC Santa Cruz (BS, Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology)

Interests: Embryology, Heart Anatomy and Disease, Cardiac Physiology 


Joseph Bayne, MD

Postdoctoral Fellow

[email protected]


Education: Columbia University (MD)

Interests: Heart development, Adult survivors of congenital heart disease, valve development and disease


Nav Lally

Graduate Student

[email protected]

Education: UCSD 

Interests: Cell and Tissue Biology of the heart, human genetics


Ravi Mandla

Associate Specialist

[email protected]

Education: UC, Berkeley

Interests: genomics, bioinformatics, machine learning, computational biology, human genetics.


Former Lab Members


Role in Lab

Subsequent Position

Prasanna Allu

Postdoc, 2018-2020

Postdoc, Harvard

Catherine Jung

Junior Specialist, 2020-2021

Medical Student, Harvard 

Namita Ravi

Sarnoff Fellow, 2021-2022

Medical Student, Yale

Kevin Chang

Medical Student 2019-2020

Medical Student, UCSF

Marie Shi

Undergraduate, 2019-2020

Research Associate, UCSF

Ashwin Rammohan

Undergraduate, 2020

Undergraduate, UC Berekeley